cytaty.. stare, ale nie publikowane

the East, we don’t think of God and the world as a painter
and a painting — we think of God as a dancer, nataraj. You
cannot separate the dancer from the dance; if the dancer goes,
the dance goes. If the dance stops, then the person is no
more a dancer. Dancer and dancing exist together; they cannot
exist separately; you cannot separate them.

God is more like a dancer. I am one of His movements; you
are also one of His movements — you may recognize it, you
may not recognize it. The only difference in the world is
that a few people recognize that they are Gods and a few people
don’t recognize that they are Gods. The difference is not
of your being, it is only of recognition.”

is not a painter, God is not a potter; God is a dancer. What
is the meaning of it? In dance, the dancer and the dance are
one, they can never be separated. That is the beauty of the
dancer. The poet is separate from the poetry, the potter is
separate from his pottery, the painter is separate from his
painting, the sculptor is different, separate from his creation,
and so on and so forth. Only the dancer is not separate. The
dancer is the dance. And when the dancer is really in the
dance, there is no dancer in him, all disappears. It is just
pure, vibrant energy, it is just pure energy dancing. There
is no ego in it. The dance comes to perfection when the dancer
dissolves into it. But the moment dance stops… then you
cannot find dance anywhere, it is not separate from the dancer.”
– I Say Unto You, Vol 1, Chapter #2

is not a thing but an experience. And how can you prove the
experience? Can you prove the experience of love? Nobody has
been able to prove that love exists, nobody can prove that
beauty exists. Nobody can prove anything really valuable.
It may be truth, it may be love, it may be bliss, it may be
beauty; they are all beyond proofs or disproofs. Nobody can
disprove either.

And God is the culmination of all the great values, the essential
core of beauty, love, truth, bliss. God is the essential core
of all these values; these values cannot be proved. How can
you prove the essence of them? He is just a perfume — not
even the flower but just the fragrance.”


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